Building systems including lighting, safety and security, HVAC systems etc. have always existed with the significant amount of devices which can control these in order to enhance the optimization of the systems while ensuring the overall energy efficiency increase of the buildings. Residential and commercial building automation systems are being integrated with digital tools transforming their potentials and abilities to enhance the workability of the systems and making the buildings smarter and sustainable.

Advancements in the technologies and deeper integration of these Building automation systems are poised to help the industry’s drive towards growth further. Building automation and controls market has seen double digit growth in past few years and is expected to become a USD50 billion industry by 2018 with HVAC being one of the biggest contributor with 33% share. Motion sensors, dimming products and access controls are the potential areas which will see much growth in near future.

Although, it is not unknown that the automation and control systems market is yet to reach its potential given the lack of education amongst the project construction companies and contractors. Therefore, it is the prerogative of the related governments and councils to educate the industry and enforce the usage of these systems into under construction buildings and through refurbishments into the existing infrastructure, enhancing the consumer experience while ensuring a greener environment.

With these in mind, Information Exchange Group endeavours to create a platform for the building automation industry to collaborate to discuss, debate and deliberate upon the key contextual influences, barriers of the industry and the opportunities on offer in the Middle East region. The summit will see detailed discussions by the domain experts to find viable solutions to the deterrents and chart the way forward for the industry.

General Manager & Regional Revenue Director
BIM Manager
Former Sustainable Development Advisor
Project Control Director
Director, Smart Grid PMO
Director, Facilities Management
BIM Manager, Design Division
Head of Electrical Section
Principal Building Studies Specialist
Technical Officer
Area Managing Director
Director, Demand Side Management
Senior Sustainability Manager, Sustainability Unit Services
Technical Director & Partner
Chief Technical Officer
Board of Governor
Assistant Director General, Engineering and Planning & Head of Sustainability Committee
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  • Start Date
    April 26, 2016 08:30
  • End Date
    April 27, 2016 16:30
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