Urbanization plays as one of the pivotal determining factor of economic development as Indian economy moves from being primarily agrarian to industrial and service sectors. As the industrialization grows, it affects the movement of population from the rural areas to the urban settlements in the wake of more lucrative employment opportunities.
It is anticipated that the urban population of world will grow double by 2050 with 90% of this growth taking place in developing countries and India, being significantly populated. It is also being surmised that the Indian section of urban population will contribute 70% of the country’s GDP in next 15 years vis-à-vis the current percentage of 60%.
Evidently, the urban infrastructure as on date is inadequate to meet the demands of the existing urban population and with the increased number of population migrating to urban settlements, an ardent need for re-generation of urban areas in existing cities and the creation of smart cities is there to satiate the northward demands. Future cities of India should be on the lines of smart real estate and urban infrastructure to match the global cities in terms of habitat, environment and services.
Essentially, the pillars of any city including Institutional Infrastructure, Governance, Physical and Social Infrastructure cater to the basic requirements of the denizens. In other words, a Smart City works towards ensuring the best for all its people, regardless of social status, age, income levels, gender, etc.
Information Exchange Group endeavours to bring forth the piping hot topic of futuristic smart cities in office in order to put across the challenges, opportunities, enablers and deterrents of the industry segment to discuss, debate and deliberate upon these and find out viable solutions for the stakeholders of a Smart City and its allied industry’s value chain.
President-Big Data Industry Analyst
Director - Marketing
Project Manager
Director, Cities & Neighborhood Developments
Strategy and Policy Advisor
Head-Traffic & Road Safety
Professor, Department of Computer Sc. & Engg
Urban Development Specialist, India Resident Mission
Founder Director
Director and Smart Cities Leader
Programme Manager
Country Representative
Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development
 (IAS) Managing Director
First Counselor, Environment Energy Climate change
Advisor-Infrastructure Finance
Emergency Analyst
Head of Smart Cities, Technology Team
 Director of the Futures Group
Minister of State, Ministry of Urban Development
Regional Director
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    September 10, 2015 08:30
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    September 11, 2015 16:30
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