We have rebranded!

2015 was a great year for us. We started a new adventure when we transitioned from Hydrocarbon Information Exchange (HCIEx) to Information Exchange Group (IXG), with a new corporate logo and website.


Why Rebrand?

The new corporate identity coincides with IXG’s dedication to providing platforms for business intelligence and is a reflection of our journey and growth. When we set up HCIEx with just a handful of people, it was with the mission to be the leading knowledge management organization in the Oil and Gas Industry. We brought together thousands of industry experts on a unified platform by working through a range of event formats, enabling the exchange of knowledge in an effectual manner. Today as IXG, we deliver real impact by creating an environment to DISCUSS-DEBATE-&-DELIBERATE major and pertinent challenges of the industries for knowledge exchange, innovation and interaction.


What’s New?

Since our launch, we have enhanced our service offerings, set up new challenges for ourselves and surpassed them with our efforts and persistence, taken our abilities to new heights and expanded our global presence. With a young and dynamic team of in-house experts and global offices in the Middle East, North America, United Kingdom and India; we are now venturing into new verticals like Security and Defence, Aviation, Smart Projects, Mining and Exploration, IT and Human Resources to name a few.


To communicate our improved services and expertise we have launched our new responsive website with a fresh outlook, improved navigation, updated content and a better platform to showcase our portfolio.


Our Journey

We have conducted successful events across the globe, including, Latin America, Europe, North America and Asia. Our events have entailed global participation from industry leaders and stakeholders from over 100 companies, including Fortune 500s and start-ups.


Our growth has been very strategic with getting the right people at the right time, with earlier focus on the Oil and Gas industry. The main driving force that fuels our mission is the purpose of bridging the gaps that arise as a result of evolving market trends and technological upgrades.


We hope to encapsulate the essence of our growth, values and brand message through our rebranding as Information Exchange Group. We are thankful to everyone for their positive contribution towards our success.


  • Criteria for selection of ‘Smart Cities’ announced

    Jun 25, 2015, 10.53PM IST

  • Centre sets July end deadline for Smart City list

    New Delhi, June 27, 2015, DHNS

  • Minister of Urban Development M.Venkaiah Naidu to announce the list of Smart City nominees

    Aug 27, 2015, 09.40AM IST

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