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With the ever changing global dynamics, the opportunities of increased business and trade opportunities within a country as well as across the national boundaries galore.  However, with ad hoc arrangements of fragmented pieces of information and lack of authentic sources, every business house runs a risk of profits plummeting resulting due to the slowing down of qualitative business transactions. Collectively, it may end up hampering the economy of the nation as a whole.


Information Exchange Group, as the name suggests, endeavors to un-jumble the myriad of information by putting together knowledge banks and seekers at one platform benefitting a wider arena of industry professionals while directing their growth trajectory northwards. IXG aims at providing ground-breaking platforms to the companies, willing to carve niche in the global market, with an opportunity of knowledge sharing, peer learning and exploring business opportunities.


IXG, as a premier knowledge-sharing and business exchange programme organiser, endeavors to give impetus to the industry players through its conferences, workshops, seminars, summits, buyer-seller meets, cross country trade forums etc. We invite organisations from several industry verticals such as defence, railways, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure, aviation, IT, legal & intellectual property segment, mining, oil & gas, security, and many more to share their knowledge regarding latest technological innovations.


What We Do & How We Do It


Changing dynamics of the industries come with their share of challenges ranging including the need to have right set of skilled people, absorbing evolution of cutting edge technology from becoming obsolete, developing capabilities for interpreting the data enabling oneself to make informed and effective decisions to significantly reduce operating cost and enhance capabilities for increased ROIs.


Information Exchange Group is an organization dedicated to providing platforms for Technical and Industrial Information Exchange. The main driving force that fuels our mission is the purpose of bridging the gaps that arise as a result of evolving market trends and technological upgrades. Our group works through a range of event formats, to enable the exchange of knowledge in an effectual manner. The Information Exchange Group strives to create an environment to DISCUSS-DEBATE-&-DELIBERATE for knowledge exchange, innovation and interaction.


We bring together professionals working at different levels, from Beginners to Experts, in order to provide a clear understanding of the challenges faced at all stages, helping in developing a broader perspective to identify the risks and challenges involved and find appropriate and viable resolutions. We offer dedicated dais for the entrepreneurs and decision makers to discuss some of the most challenging issues in their lines of business and find apt solutions for the problems.


We are a group of dynamic professionals, who with a collective experience of over 60 years, strive to deliver quality information exchanging platforms to the industry stakeholders for helping the industry to deal with the perennial challenges and issues.


  • IXG had a very good arrangement for the Heavy Oil workshop in Cancun.

    Mika Tienhaara, ASCOM Separation

  • A good summit organized by IXG and hope for the same in future too.

    Anand, Municipal Corporation- Gurgaon

  • Went Excellent. Great speakers and break out sessions.

    Daniel Koffler, Rio Tinto


Workshops are designed for a specific audience, and focus on finding solutions to numerous technical challenges surrounding the mainstream subject. These workshops encourage heightened interactivity and discussions, facilitating the flow of knowledge and information between participants.


From medium-sized to large conferences, we create business development platforms where organization heads and important decision makers convene to discuss strategic projects, industry regulations and latest technological advancements while building strategic relations through extensive networking.


Training is the most traditional form of knowledge exchange. It's a platform where our strong network of Subject Matter Experts impart knowledge to the professionals with the passion to learn. We offer technical trainings on niche topics and also cater to group of professionals ranging from 8 to 25 people.



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