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Hospitality Business Conclave 2016

27th Sep

Doha, Qatar

The Hospitality Business Conclave 2016 will bring together the leading stakeholders from the operating, owning and designing companies who will discuss, deliberate and meet world class solution providers to understand mutual opportunities and carry Qatar into the next phase of hospitality expansion.

Kingdom Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016

25th Aug

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The 2nd edition of MODCON Series- KSA Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016 will provide opportunity to see various facets of Modular Construction from perspectives of Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Construction personnel, Procurement and Logistics among others. 

Technology and Innovation in Digital Healthcare 2016

17th May – 18th May

Dubai, UAE

Technology and Innovation in Digital Healthcare 2016 is aimed at creating the perfect environment for care givers, technology service & solution providers & innovators to exchange ideas to make Middle East Medical industry future ready back with best in class health information infrastructure.

Technology & Innovation Retail 2016

10th May – 11th May

Dubai, UAE

The world's leading retail experts are coming to Technology and Innovation in Retail 2016 to inspire you and share their insights. Curated experts from across the globe will deliver technical presentations during the two-day program, sharing the expertise and experience gained over many years of working in the retail segment. 

Smart Building Automation Summit 2016

26th Apr – 27th Apr

Dubai, UAE

Smart Building Automation Summit is a platform for building automation industry to collaborate to discuss, debate and deliberate upon key contextual influences, barriers of the industry and the opportunities on offer in Middle East. The summit will see detailed discussions by domain experts to chart the way forward for the industry.

The Middle East Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016

16th Feb – 17th Feb

Dubai, UAE

The Middle East Prefabrication and Modular Construction Summit 2016 endeavors to create a platform for the construction industry to collaborate to discuss, debate and deliberate upon the key contextual influences, barriers of the industry and opportunities on offer by the industry. 

The Hospitality Business Conclave 2016

25th Jan

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom Hospitality Business Conclave will bring together the leading stakeholders from the operating, owning and designing companies who will discuss, deliberate and meet world class solution providers to understand mutual opportunities and carry Saudi Arabia into the next phase of hospitality expansion.

Aviation Security 2015

16th Sep – 17th Sep

Dubai – UAE

The expanding trade and growth in the Aviation Sector has led to ever more increasing emphasis on increased security and safety concerns. Adding to it is the growth in the passenger and cargo traffic and most importantly the recent …

Smart City Landscape 2015

10th Sep – 11th Sep

New Delhi

Across the globe, the stride of migration from rural to urban areas is increasing. Experts predict about 70 per cent of the population will be living in cities by 2050, and India is being poised for rapid growth as the economy moves…

Technology and Innovation in Mining 2015

10th Sep – 11th Sep

Toronto, Canada

With the influx of an array of tech buzzwords for the mining sector, it can be overwhelming for organizations to select the best options for them and invest in the right technologies which will drive the business forward.

Reliable Plants 2014

12th May – 14th May

Muscat, Oman

Course Objective.

Reliable Plants 2014, taking place from 12 – 14 May, is a conclave of Maintenance and Reliability professionals serving in the Refinery, Petrochemical and Gas Plant sector of MEA, Europe and Asia Pacific. These technical experts will convene in Muscat, Oman to discuss costly issues, innovations and practical problem-solving in the domain of Plant Maintenance and Reliability

Wireline Operations Technical Training

4th May – 8th May

Istanbul, Turkey

Course Objective:

Detailed Safety Aspects to be considered for Non-Routine Intervention

Latest Advances in Wireline Technology

Learn about pipe recovery methods, and perform pipe stretch calculations


OPEX 2015 – Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas

29th Apr – 30th Apr

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Operational Excellence in never a single event – it is a constant and vigilant practice that evolves as innovative ideas emerge, especially in a fluctuating industry such as Oil & Gas. As the oil prices get squeezed, in contrast to the rising costs associated with Exploration, Development & Production and with stringent profit margins from refining operations, it has become imperative for energy companies to scrutinize operating costs& capital budgets.

Reliable Pipes 2014

14th Apr – 16th Apr

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Recent high profile pipeline leaks and ruptures have reiterated the need for establishing the integrity of the pipelines transporting natural gas, crude oil and petroleum products. With regulatory authorities issuing strict measures requiring operators to carry out risk analysis and maintain pipeline integrity especially in high consequence areas within a set time, the issue calls for strategic and immediate measures

Contract Management Technical Training

24th Mar – 27th Mar

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Course Objective:

How to be more effective in contract management activities

Appropriate type and form contracts for different situations

How to anticipate problems and manage risks

HOTC 2015 – Heavy Oil Technologies Conference

23rd Feb – 25th Feb

Bogota, Colombia

As per the latest findings, heavy oil comprises 50% of known oil resource but represents just one in ten barrels of production. Latin America, with a huge amount of untapped reserves of heavy oil will host industry leaders at HCIEx’s Annual Technical Conference “HOTC 2015” addressing key issue of efficient extraction of heavy oil and technical challenges faced by

Reliable Pipes 2015 – 2ND EDITION

16th Feb – 18th Feb

Abu Dhabi, UAE

As Investment in new infrastructure to handle the increasing volumes of crude oil continues to grow, it has become imperative for pipeline operators to maintain the highest level of pipeline integrity.The pipeline operators need to develop a comprehensive pipeline integrity strategy,to time-and-cost-effectively identify, assess and mitigate corrosive damages to the pipe and eliminate the risk..

STEP 2015

STEP 2015

2nd Feb – 4th Feb

Muscat, Oman

Update yourself on world-class plant shutdown strategies and industry best practices

Assess models to effectively manage your contractors and optimize their commitments to your project

Implement and coordinate strategies to ensure efficientlogistic planning and day-to-day contractor management

Heavy Oil 2014

27th Jan – 29th Jan

Cancun, Mexico

Latin America, with a huge amount of untapped reserves of heavy oil, calls for all the prominent oil and gas operators to have their engineers equipped with all the skills required to extract this heavy oil in the most efficient manner as possible.

Wellhead Maintenance Technical Training

26th Jan – 29th Jan

Dubai, UAE

To provide participants with thorough knowledge about:

Basic well construction and well intervention methods

Wellhead and Xmas tree construction

Well head and Xmas tree valves

Wellhead Maintenance

EPC in Oil & Gas 2015

26th Jan – 28th Jan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Currently, more than $234bn-worth of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts have been awarded on oil, gas and petrochemicals schemes in the Middle East region’s energy sector, exhibiting an unprecedented surge in project activity in the past few years. Around $963bn-worth of EPC projects are planned or under execution in MENA oil & gas and related industries.

Produced Water Management 2014

14th Oct – 16th Oct

Istanbul, Turkey

The oil industry estimates that tens of billions of dollars will be spent during the next decade to handle increased water production and to comply with water disposal regulations, which continue to become more stringent.


FOIL 2014

8th Sep – 10th Sep

Abu Dhabi, UAE

As spending on oil and gas cyber security expected to reach $1.9 bn by 2018, it has now become inevitable for the industry leaders to optimally and aggressively strategize on cyber risks on the lines of other business risks as the possibility of cyber-attacks cannot be ignored at any point of time.


  • IXG had a very good arrangement for the Heavy Oil workshop in Cancun.

    Mika Tienhaara, ASCOM Separation

  • A good summit organized by IXG and hope for the same in future too.

    Anand, Municipal Corporation- Gurgaon

  • Went Excellent. Great speakers and break out sessions.

    Daniel Koffler, Rio Tinto

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