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Across the globe, the stride of migration from rural to urban areas is increasing. Experts predict about 70 per cent of the population will be living in cities by 2050, and India is being poised for rapid growth as the economy moves from being primarily agrarian towards industrial augmentation. On the same lines the Government of India has taken up the task of developing 100 satellite towns as Smart Cities to prepare better for the future population migration.

Throwing the light on the same, IXG is delighted to announce the summit on Smart Cities Landscapes 2015 offering the most prominent platform for industry leaders to address the critical issues in Smart City development in Indian vis-à-vis global panorama. The global workshop is scheduled to take place during September 10-11, 2015 in New Delhi, India.

Who Should Attend?:

  • Ministry of Urban development and relevant government bodies
  • Utilities & Solution Providers
  • Smart grid, Energy storage, Smart meters, Invertors and Battery providers
  • Power distribution and monitoring system providers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Information and communications technology companies
  • Security, Surveillance service providers along with Disaster Management companies
  • Data Management and Geographic Information System (GIS) providers
  • Smart devices (Routers / Modems) providers
  • Smart Biometrics, Traffic control systems providers
  • Electric Vehicle, Hybrids Vehicle manufacturers
  • Advanced safety control system providers
  • Metros and Urban transport systems industry stakeholders
  • Water and waste water management bodies
  • Green buildings and renewable energy players
  • Smart Health services providers

Partners: To explore the associating options with the event, please send your interests and queries to Ms. Shveta Sethi at [email protected]

Sponsorships: To explore the sponsorship opportunities, please write to Mr.Vinod at [email protected]